AESA Award 2020 Application

Dear Member,
Greetings and Best wishes for the New Year 2020!

ARCHITECTS, ENGINEERS AND SURVEYORS’ ASSOCIATION, Pune proudly announces the Competition of AESA AWARDS 2020.

AESA started these Awards to promote the concept of “TEAM WORK” in Building & Construction industry. These unique awards are given annually to all the contributors in the building industry. Teamwork, which has already become an important way of PRACTICE in the Construction Industry, and is rapidly gaining momentum. AESA Awards are instituted to give wide publicity to this phenomenon and increase awareness amongst people.

Contributions from all the agencies involved, including the Owner, Architect, Structural Consultant & Contractor/ Constructor are assessed by a panel of eminent jury. The assessment of the jury is complete only after the site visits to the participating projects.

We have refined our focus from “Construction by team” to “Ethical construction by Professional Team”.

Almost any team can produce a mere shelter, but to produce good buildings, sensitive to human needs and values, sensitive to the environment, requires an honest team effort with strong ethical base.

The idea of Ethical construction by a ‘Professional Team’ has four underlying ideas:

  1. The Team comprises of skilled Professional agencies.
  2. The owner is member of the team supporting all the activities by participation.
  3. The team is an ever-expanding unit of Professionals, not limited to the Design professionals only.
  4. The team understands and promotes ethical standards as well as good Architectural and Engineering practices in construction industry.

You being an active member of the association and a responsible professional in the construction industry, we solicit entries of your work in the categories for AESA AWARDS 20209 competition up to 10th January 2020.

Please find enclosed the rules, regulations and the deadlines for submission. The AESA Awards Ceremony is tentatively scheduled on the month of March 2020. Venue and other details shall be conveyed soon. Looking forward to a healthy and enthusiastic participation from all.

All nomination forms are strictly confidential and if approved an official notification letter will be sent from our office acknowledging the award type. if not get in 3 days please contact us on or call 020-25510671.

Once you complete this form, click on the “Submit” button below. After submitting please wait until the “submission successful” confirmation is displayed.
This will then email you a copy of the submission, which is also emailed to the Award Recognition Committee (WRC).

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After doing so, please send a separate e-mail to confirming that you have submitted a nomination through the website.

AESA Awards 2020
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        2. Built up area (sq. mtrs.)
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        2. Total Cost of Construction Rs.
  3. Architect
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  4. Structural Engineer
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